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Norsjöselen a Jaktsele for GPs and radio
Norsjöselen – hunting harness

Norsjöselen is a combined GPS/communications Radio Harness
Telephone/Communication Radio

The GPS-holder is adjustable in the extended position and can also be rotated sideways for the best angle of view.

Choose model and execution

The phone is suitable for mobiles with dimensions: Width minimum 57 mm, max 97 mm. Height min 80 mm, max 170 mm... Read more

Extra Holder for Norsjöselen

If you need a new holder, please contact Norsjöselen. Then you can order a new one here. Select the model you want. Holder Phone harness does not fit older version of Norsjöselen - hunting harness.... Read more

Selenium for ipad Samsung. Harness
Fältselen-harness for tablets

Adjustable field harness replaces older models

fältselen facilitates your work, then you can have both hands free! It has a back plate that distributes the load very well and makes the harness comfortable to wear even with a little heavier Ipad plates.
Choose the model you want. Field harness for Dell or adjustable. Adjustable is adapted to the dimensions of the plate. You can also choose to order the harness with a waist strap for extra support.... Read more

Urban b on Norsjöselen used in hunting
Norsjöselen - easy to use

URBAN BÄCKLUND "Norsjöselen is smooth and easy to use, you can easily follow the dog's work at all times both as a fitters and dog handlers. It works really well in situations where you want to keep track of where the dog is and at the same time have both hands free for quick shots in crowded positions.  

Håkan Malmin on the hunting sling
Norsjöselen – easily accessible

HÅKAN MALMIN "I use Norsjöselen when hunting moose, bears and lynx. Since GPS and are always easily accessible, the harness works very well both when you walk with the dog and sitting on hunting pass. You can easily see where the dog is and still have your hands free "

Magnus uses fältselen with tablet
Fältselen – easy to personalise

MAGNUS FURMARK, Norra Skogsägarna "I have used Fältselen ( field-harness) in the spring together with the Ipad as our new planning tool. The harness works well and is easy to wear eg. for skiing and driving because the holder can be folded in. The harness is easy to adjust and personalise! "